Where to start

I can’t sleep.

My brain is currently over-clocking on who would win a battle to the death between Bugs-Bunny and Mickey Mouse.  Obviously the use of weapons would be forbidden and tag-team partners barred.  My rudimentary conclusion is that Bugs would kick Mickey’s red-panted behind.

But this isn’t the biggest dilemma I’ve wrestled with of late.  The primary one is, how do you go about writing content that folk would actually take time to read – I mean, there is SO much content online now, that we’re all subject ‘kid in candy store’ syndrome when it comes to just wanting something to lightly browse.

I’m under no delusion when it comes to writing a blog. A Web Log. Who decided that we shorten it to blog in the first place – and why was it ever a log? Surely the first one was a diary? Aren’t we all just running our own Biarys here?

I digress; I’m under no delusion on the success factors of a blog – for folk to read it, it needs to be relevant – needs to be interesting (well written perhaps?) – and it needs to have an audience in mind.

Therein lies my difficulty. Audience.

I’d come up with an idea for ‘Made up News’ – basically making fictitious stories behind real headlines and ran with that for a couple of weeks.  Again, I wasn’t expecting the world to go ‘OH MY GOD! What a genius! We should totally get him to write everything we read from now on, forever!’.  I realised that I’d made something so un-targeted it just sat there with all the other random internet content that, no matter how much content I created, it was just going to sit there – ignored.

So fast-forward to one of the many nights where I was unable to sleep, for whatever reason, and I was entirely entertained by the absolute junk my brain was sorting through.  So much so that I jotted some of them down.  The next morning I was faced with a list that included:

  • Can science provide us with new pets, as the existing ones are pretty dull – specifically hybrids (Hamster-Budgie)
  • Is there ever going to be a point where we run out of new music – as with a finite number of musical notes, surely there’s a maximum number of combinations before we are just recreating the same songs again
  • Who decided that mermaids were sexually desirable; just sounds awful in every way

This inspired me to re-purpose the web content I produce.  My audience, I’ve decided, are people who can’t sleep – but essentially I’m writing to me.  I’m my audience and I’m going to take two tea-spoons of hope that there are other people who want to be in my audience too.

So now I’m sharpening my pencil, flipping to a new notepad page and am prepared for the next night where I can’t sleep.